Why is my kitchen faucet dripping?

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Kitchen Faucet Issues

How much thought do you give to kitchen faucet repair or faucets in general? They are in the bathroom, laundry room, outdoor spigots, and in the kitchen. They provide a convenience in these areas that we may use every day or only when we are watering the lawn. We take them all for granted until one of them starts dripping. The most common one to start is the kitchen sink. This is often the time that we realize the function and importance of our water source, or when we get that water bill. When that kitchen faucet has been dripping and we’ve put off doing that kitchen faucet repair for whatever reason, we realize how much that annoying dripping is costing us.

A dripping or leaking faucet isn’t normal and a kitchen faucet repair should be on the urgent agenda of any household, no matter how busy it is. If the sound of that dripping isn’t getting on your nerves, think about your water bill next month! So, what makes a faucet starts to leak? It could be the kitchen faucet is loose and a simple adjustment to make it tighter could fix it.

How do you repair a faucet?

The most common reasons for a dripping faucet is:

  • Corrosion
  • Defective gaskets, o-rings, and washers
  • Connection issues like the kitchen faucet with sprayer
  • Mineral deposits inside the working parts.

Often, just tightening the nozzle will stop a drip, but that can put stress on parts that are corroded, rusted, and worn and is just a temporary fix. Tightening, again and again, will only put more stress on those parts and eventually, repair or replacement is necessary. The best solution is to contact a bonded, licensed, experienced plumber that is recommended to have your kitchen faucet repaired properly and permanently.

How hard is it to replace a faucet?

Replacing a leaky kitchen faucet isn’t difficult for anyone that has some mechanical ability but is more entailed than a kitchen faucet repair.  Your first step is to purchase the new faucet, making sure you choose one that will fit the current sink set-up. Your sink may have one hole for the faucet, or it may have two, some even have three. And they come in a center-set or a wide-set. This is all the information you need to have when you go shopping for your new faucet.

Next, you will remove the existing kitchen faucet without damaging the sink or the supply lines, which will have to be disconnected from the existing faucet. These can be “frozen” by corrosion and rust, requiring not only a basin wrench, but you may need a spray-on lubricant to loosen it. That corrosion and rust are why a kitchen faucet repair is necessary and is at this point that many homeowners find that calling a professional plumber is needed before a pipe gets broken and water damage ensues.

How do I replace my kitchen faucet?

As we discussed earlier, replacing is more difficult than a kitchen faucet repair, starting with removing the old unit. No matter how much you prepare, there will be unexpected problems like corroded pipes and hard-to-reach nuts along with the challenges of reaching fittings.

Faucets come with installation directions that make it easy. Barring any unforeseen problems, your new kitchen faucet should be up and functioning in under two hours. And it is because of the unforeseen problems, that may make calling a professional plumber to do the job. From disconnecting the drain and P-trap, unplugging the garbage disposal and disconnecting the electrical power to it, many things that can go wrong. The inexperienced homeowner may have so many issues, just like the kitchen faucet repair job, the kitchen faucet replacement could turn into bigger issues.  

What is the best kitchen faucet?

The kitchen faucet is probably the most-used item in the kitchen, next to the refrigerator anyway. So, when you find yourself having to replace your current one instead of doing a kitchen faucet repair, you want to choose the best one for you and your household. With the multitude of options on the market today, the only problem you’ll have is deciding which one! The designs are many and they each offer a level of efficiency and various functionalities, as well as a myriad of features to consider.

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What is the most durable kitchen faucet?

Until you need a kitchen faucet repair or replacement, you may not realize how much you use this one part of the kitchen. The faucet needs to meet both aesthetic appeal and functionality. From being a part of preparing delicious meals to clean-up the aftermath – the kitchen faucet is the kitchen!

According to a study by the American Water Works Association, the average faucet is turned on and running about eight minutes per capita, using about 69 gallons of water daily. So, If you’re thinking that kitchen faucet repair or replacement isn’t important, think again!

A durable kitchen faucet needs to meet many facets! It needs to be aesthetic and match the rest of the kitchen, today’s kitchen is designed to have a kitchen faucet that is maneuverable. The separate sprayer is almost a thing of the past with the faucet that has the pull-down sprayer taking its place.  

And while the touchless kitchen faucet is all the rage today, it needs to be made of heavy-duty metal and installs over the kitchen sink, no more under-sink mounting. The faucet exterior finish should be resistant to corrosion and rust, minimizing, even eliminating, the need for another kitchen faucet repair or replacement too soon!

While we intended to give you information to help make the best decision in either a kitchen faucet repair or replacement, it is always going to be one of personal likes and dislikes, budget, and more. Just like a whole-house humidifier system would be beneficial to most homes, it must be a decision that is the homeowners. Need repair for your kitchen faucet in Cabrillo, CA? Call Echo Plumbing, Inc. today at 888-387-0674!