Why Is My Faucet Dripping?

An Closeup of a Faucet That Is Dripping.

Unsure Why Your Faucet Is Dripping? There Are Several Reasons Why It Might Be Dripping.

We need our faucets in order to have access to fresh, clean water in our homes. When our faucets are dripping, it means that something is wrong with the faucet or a component in the faucet is damaged. There are a couple of reasons why you have a dripping faucet. Components that usually become damaged in your faucet are the valve seat, the O ring, and washer. Other things that can cause a dripping faucet are a loose screw or even inadequate installation of the faucet. Find out how you can stop a faucet from dripping.

How Do I Stop a Dripping Faucet?

  • Remove the Handle: With a screwdriver, remove the handle of the faucet. This is so you can get to the stem of the faucet.
  • Part Inspection: Look at the various parts of the faucet like the valve seat, washer, and O ring. If you see that any of the parts look corroded, you should call a professional plumber to replace the part.
  • Clean Seals: There could be sediment on the seals so you can clean them with white vinegar. Once the vinegar has had some time to set, rinse the seals with clean water.

Once you have put the faucet back together and turn it on, you should see if it is still leaking. If you are uncomfortable doing all of this, you can call Echo Plumbing, Inc. at 888-387-0674. We offer faucet repair in Perris, CA. We can get leaks in other areas of our homes, such as our roofing. If you are experiencing leaks in your roofing, we advise that you call a San Diego, CA residential roofing company.