What Does a Water Softener Do?

water softener installation

Adding to Your Home and Your Needs

If you are noticing a film on your shower door after every use you may be struggling with hard water in your home. You’ll be able to tell in other areas of your home as well. The coffee pot has a similar film or water spots. Your silverware is always covered in the spots even after going through the dishwasher. There are many other signs, but all in all, hard water isn’t something you have just put up with. If possible, you can invest in a water softener installation for your Cabrillo, CA home. Contact Echo Plumbing, Inc. at 888-387-0674 to learn more. 

water softener installation

What Does a Water Softener Do?

Do you notice spots and speckles on all of your silverware? Is there a stubborn film on your coffee pot or shower door? This is known as hard water. No, it isn’t hard in terms of the density, but rather what’s lurking in the water. Hard water contains high levels of calcium and magnesium, which is why you’ll see that white/gray film on anything that can collect it. Though these levels aren’t harmful to your health, they can be harmful to your household appliances. A buildup of these minerals can cause dishwashers and washing machines to fail much sooner than you expect them to. How can you combat this? Easily, with a water softener. Softener machines help to filter the water and reduce the amount of those minerals so they don’t build up on your things. If you already have the appliance itself, then a water softener installation cost will likely be close to that of an asphalt shingle roof repair service. To learn more about your options, contact Echo Plumbing, Inc..

Benefits of a Water Softener Installation

So are there any advantages to softer water? Yes there are! When you invest in a water softener, with installation, from a licensed plumber, you are getting a quality appliance. You are investing not only in your health, but the preservation and longevity of the majority of your household appliances. 

  • Lack of Spots: One of the most significant benefits of soft water is the lack of spots. With hard water, you’ll notice it on your silverware, coffee pots, and shower doors – anywhere that can collect a stubborn film of minerals. 
  • Soft Hair and Skin: Since there are no hard minerals in soft water, you’ll find that your hair and skin are much softer. The longer you use soft water, the smoother your hair and skin will be. 
  • Easy Lather: Something you’ll notice with soft water is how easy soaps lather. With this in mind, you’ll be able to save time on cleaning as well as saving money on soap. Plus, everything will wash away without leaving traces. 
  • Lasting Laundry: Believe it or not, softer water can actually help your clothes last longer and stay truer to color. Your whites will remain whiter for longer since there won’t be any mineral build up in the fabric. 
  • Water Appliance Preservation: And one of the best benefits is the fact that all your water appliances will be preserved. Dishwasher, washing machines, and other appliances that use hard water will experience serious hard water buildup. This can result in failing results much sooner than expected. 

What many homeowners want to know is can they install a water softener on their own? While you can find many online how-to complete a water softener installation on your own, we highly recommend relying on professional services. Just like if you were needing tankless water heater repair, you want someone that knows what they are doing. This will save you time, money, and energy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to have a water softener installed?
    • The final costs will depend on the type of softener you choose, where it’s going, and more. On average, though, homeowners have spent between $800 and $2,000 on installation services. 
  • Can I install a water softener myself?
    • While you can get the job done on your own, it’s best to rely on a professional with expert knowledge. You may have copper, PEX, PVC, or steel plumbing leading to the softener. If you don’t know how to work with these options, you may run into more problems than solutions. 
  • Does a water softener increase home value?
    • Though you may not see a major return in investment after installing a water softener, your quality of life will increase substantially. No more water spots on dishes, coffee pots, or shower doors. Additionally, future homeowners will thank you later. 
  • What are the disadvantages of soft water?
    • Probably one of the biggest disadvantages is that soft water does have a very distinct taste. It has been noted as a very unpleasant taste due to the fact that it doesn’t contain as many minerals as hard water. 
  • Are water softeners worth the money?
    • Hard water can have a serious impact on your home. If this is something you truly find yourself struggling with on a daily basis, then a water softener may be a sound investment. 
water softener installation

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