What Are the Signs of a Slab Leak?

A Cracked Foundation From a Slab Leak.

What happens if you have a slab leak?

If the pipes inside or underneath your home’s foundation begin to leak, you have a slab leak. Initially, the slab leak may not be noticed or cause any apparent harm. But, over time, the leaks often saturate soil underneath the home and cause the floors to become uneven and eventually cause the home to sink into the ground. Slab leaks can cause the foundation to crack as well. They can lead to costly repairs if left unattended.

Here are some common signs of a slab leak:

  • Water pressure inside the house is low or negligible.
  • Random spots on the floor that are warm or cool.
  • If you are hearing running water that has no source you can determine.
  • Cracks begin to appear suddenly on your ceilings and walls.
  • Mold and mildew suddenly begin to grow.
  • Your water bill suddenly increases.

If you are seeing these signs and want to find out if you have a slab leak, Echo Plumbing, Inc. provides a slab leak detector service in Cabrillo, CA. Give us a call at 888-387-0674 to schedule a service.

Is a slab leak dangerous?

If left alone for too long slab leaks can become dangerous. Not only do slab leaks cause structural damage to your home, all the moisture build up associated with the leak can create serious problems, in particular mold growth. Mold damages your home further, and often exposes people to health problems, especially respiratory problems. This is why it’s advisable to check for a slab leak as soon as possible if you are seeing signs of a leak or suspect you might have one.

What happens if you don’t fix a slab leak?

If you don’t fix a slab leak, the damage to your home can be significant. Slab leaks ruin flooring as more water seeps into the home through the slab. Your carpeting can become waterlogged, tiles can crack and the flooring can become saturated. 

Since these leaks are under your foundation, your foundation may swell and crack or shift, which can cause more damage to pipes and to your home’s structure.

All the water build up will likely bring about mold growth, which can damage your home even more and cause health issues.

A slab leak can also affect your yard. Water can rise up through the yard, causing flooding and ruining grass and landscaping. If you have a pool, it can also seriously damage the pool.

If a slab leak has caused flooding in your yard, it could affect your outside air conditioning unit. Should you need repairs you may need to call an emergency AC service.

What causes a slab leak?

Slab leak causes include poorly installed or poor-quality pipes, abrasion of pipes as they rub against concrete and gravel outside pressure from soil issues like shifting and erosion, poor water quality, usually either too acidic or alkaline, and, finally, aging. 

Besides having old pipes that have corroded and worn as they’ve aged, poorly installed or poor-quality pipes are the main reason for slab leaks. The pipes may have been dented or kinked when they were installed and over time that damage could cause leaks. If you have copper pipes, they are more susceptible to corrosion than other pipes because they are softer and much more vulnerable to the elements.

Are slab leaks covered by homeowners insurance?

If you have a slab leak, repairs can be costly, sometimes running as high as $15,000 or more. In some cases, however, slab leaks are covered by homeowners insurance.

If the slab leak is caused by a covered peril like a fire, then insurance will probably cover the damages and may even cover damages to personal belongings like furniture and clothing. The damage to the property must be as a result of the slab leak for it to be covered. Most policies will also cover the cost of tearing out and replacing the slab if there is a slab leak, but will not cover the repair or replacement of the plumbing system.

Insurance policies rarely cover the cost of damage due to plumbing failure caused by regular wear and tear or by damage caused by tree roots or any negligence on your behalf. 

Individual policies may vary, so consult with your insurance company to find out what is covered by your policy.

Slab leak estimate

Costs for repairs can be high for slab leaks. If you need an estimate on a slab leak repair, you can give us a call at 888-387-0674. We offer affordable slab leak repairs.

Slab leak in garage

Slab leaks can affect your garage as well as the main part of the house. Cracks in the garage floor or discoloration are common signs of problems with a leak under the slab.

Leaking Pipes Cause Higher Water Bills.

Slab leak water bill

One of the common signs of a slab leak is an increase in the water bill because water is being wasted from the leaks. Usually your water pressure will be lower if there is a slab leak and you are probably using more water.

If you suspect you may have a slab leak in Cabrillo, CA, we are the experienced team to turn to for help. We can test for the leak and provide repair services at affordable prices. Give us a call at 888-387-0674