Safe Drain Cleaning Ideas

When you’re faced with a drain clog at home, you could reach for the store-bought drain cleaners, but they are chalk full of chemicals and toxins that could be harmful to your family. Below, we list a few homemade drain treatments that can be used for regular, everyday drain clogs. Remember, however, if your drain is seeping water or if it doesn’t unclog after using these techniques, a professional may be needed.

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Stubborn Hair in the Bathtub Drain

Most have dealt with this problem at some point in their life. However, instead of reaching for the chemical formula, try pouring a 1/4c. of baking soda followed by a ¼ c. of vinegar. Let sit for about an hour and then pour in a pot of hot water. This should help to dissolve the buildup and hair gunk to let the clog pass.

Kitchen Clogs Caused by Buildup

In the kitchen, your sinks could be clogged with a number of types of build up. A simple formula of ½ c. of salt chased by ½ c. of baking soda can help break up the gunk and food build up. Let sit overnight and rinse with a pot of hot water.

Greasy Kitchen Clogs

Inevitably, your kitchen sink will receive its fair share of greasy food and build up. To cut through tough grease clogs in the kitchen, try a simple hot water and detergent solution. Let the solution sit in the drain overnight and then rinse well with hot water.

While these tips work well for simple drain clogs, there is no substitute for a skilled plumbing team. If you have an unusually tough drain clog or any other plumbing problem, the Echo Plumbing, Inc. experts are here to help. Call us today at 888-387-0674.