Water Treatment Services

water treatment services

Our Water Treatment Services Can Help Your Water Taste and Smell Better.

Does your tap water have an extra strong taste? Or maybe a strong odor? Does it leave orange residue behind in your shower, dishwasher or clothes washer? These might be signs that you could benefit from a water filtration system in your home. Echo Plumbing Inc. provides customers with water treatment services. These filtration systems remove contaminants from the water, increasing the quality of life for homeowners like you. Call 888-769-5345 and ask about our water treatment services in Perris, CA.

Water Treatment System Installation

One of the water treatment services we offer is the installation of a water treatment system in your home. We can help you determine which filtration system will be best for your needs, based on the source of your water and the results of any water quality tests that have been performed. Once we have installed the filtration system or water softeners, we also provide maintenance and repair services for these systems.

Whole House Water Filtration

While we can install one or more water softeners in your home, another of our water treament services is installation of a whole house water filtration system. These systems are connected directly to the main water supply line. This provides pure, filtered water to every faucet or appliance in your home. The filters can be selected to eliminate specific contaminants. Benefits of a filtration system are very similar to the benefits of a water softener:

  • Cleaner dishes and laundry
  • Longer lasting appliances
  • More relaxing showers
  • More efficient plumbing system

Call for Quality Water Treatment Services

Water is essential for life. Why not make sure the water you and your family are drinking is the best quality it can be? Echo Plumbing Inc. provides our customers with a variety of water treatment services to enhance the purity of their water. We come and install the system into your home and then return to maintain or repair it as necessary. Our technicians perform quality work for an affordable price. If you would like to learn more about home water treatment services in Perris, CA, call us at 888-769-5345.