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In most homes, the sewer waste drains use the power of gravity to carry the sewage to the septic tank or main sewage drain. If the drain happens to be located below the line of the septic tank or sewage drain it requires the use of a lift station pump to carry the waste water out of the home. Like all parts of the plumbing system, these pumps may occasionally need service or repair. Echo Plumbing Inc. is prepared to help with repair and maintenance on your lift station pump in Perris, CA. Give us a call today at 888-769-5345 to schedule an appointment.

Lift Station Pump Repair

The lift station pump in your home has three main parts. They are the receiving well, the pump, and the motor. There may also be a floater that alerts the pump when the receiving well has filled up with water. When one of these parts malfunctions, it could cause sewer back up in your home. A number of different problems could cause this to happen:

  • The float is stuck or jammed
  • Intermittent cycles in the pump
  • The pressure switch has gone out
  • The wiring has corroded due to moist condition
  • The pump has overfilled with wastewater
Echo Plumbing Lift Station Pump Repair

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Most lift station pump units have an alarm that will sound to alert the homeowner that something is not working. Excessive noise, vibration or changes in how often the pump turns on could also indicate that there is a problem. If the alarm goes off, shut off anything that uses large amounts of water all at once (i.e. dishwasher or laundry) to prevent flooding and back up in the house. Then call for emergency 24/7 lift station pump repair from Echo Plumbing.

Repair Services You Can Count On

Like other elements of your sewer system, a lift station pump can create a lot of unnecessary stress and frustration. Echo Plumbing Inc. can help with routine maintenance and repairs for your lift station pump in Perris, CA. Our plumbers are committed to providing quality service at affordable prices. For more information, call us at 888-769-5345.