Grinder Pump Repair

Grinder pump repair/replacement

Grinder Pump Repair Doesn’t Have to Feel Like an Uphill Battle.

There are different components to removing sewage from your home. In general, sewage flows out of your house, down the sewage drains and into the public sewer system. If your home is situated downhill from the main sewer, it may require a grinder pump to push the sewage up the hill to the main sewer. These machines rarely need maintenance or repair, but if you ever find yourself in need of grinder pump repair in Perris, CA call Echo Plumbing Inc. at 888-769-5345.

Do You Need Grinder Pump Repair or Replacement?

While grinder pumps do not usually break down or need repair, occasionally they can malfunction or stop working. When that happens, our plumbers are here to help you with your grinder pump repair. Since most pumps are underground, it might be challenging to tell if something isn’t working well, but there are a few key telltale signs that you need grinder pump repair:

  • The pump won’t start
  • The pump runs continuously without shutting off
  • The pump starts and stops too frequently
  • The pump is noisy
  • The fuse circuit trips when the pump is activated.

Most pumps also have an alarm that will signal the homeowner that something is not working correctly. If this happens, or you notice a buildup of sewage in your yard or home, call us for grinder pump repair.

How to prevent clogs

prevent grinder pump clog so you don't need grinder pump repair

Flushing Sanitary Pads/Wipes Down the Drain Can Cause Your Grinder Pump to Clog.

One of the main reasons why you might need grinder pump repair and maintenance is because it gets clogged with debris. This is something that you as the homeowner can prevent by being careful about what you put down your drains. Common items that will block your grinder pump include diapers, sanitary pads and wipes, oil, grease and any kind of paint.

Get in Touch for Quick Repairs

Regardless of how careful you are about your septic system, sometimes it may need a professional touch. Our plumbers have the knowledge and tools to help you with grinder pump repair or replacements. We are committed to providing quality service at affordable prices and our emergency services mean that we are available 24/7. Give us a call at 888-769-5345 for your grinder pump repair needs in Perris, CA.