What Not To Put In Your Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal is often the end all of where you put your old leftovers or coffee grounds, but this is not what this is meant to do. There are a lot of things that should not be put into your garbage disposal that often finds its way in. The problem with this is that this can clog your drains and even create a backup problem. Your garbage disposal is great and was created to be able to put certain things in it, but knowing what can and cannot go down it is crucial in maintaining its life and also keeping you from having to replace it or call a plumber all of the time. Below, are a list of a few common things that people throw down their disposal that should not be put down it.

Do Not Put These Down Your Sink

Coffee Grounds – coffee grounds appear to be small and easily broken down, but they are not. They can get clumped up in your drains and actually clog them.

Grease – This is something that should be common knowledge, but many people do not know that you cannot put grease down your sink. This may look like it will slide right down, but once grease dries, it becomes solid and will clog your drains very quickly.

Potato Skins – This is a major no-no and will cause drain clogging so toss these in the trash and never down your sink.

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