Garbage Disposal Mistakes

Garbage disposals are created to be durable. That doesn’t mean that they are all created equal, however. Some will wear down faster than others, and that wear and tear depends upon how you use them there are some common garbage disposal mistakes that most people make, and that everyone should avoid.

Not All Food Goes In

Food and Water Going in Disposal

Avoid Garbage Disposal Mistakes

Too many people put nearly everything in their garbage disposals. Holidays are busy times for plumbers because so many people shove all their food down the disposal. Just because it seems to break down easily doesn’t mean the disposal can handle it, however. Even something as fragile as eggshells shouldn’t be put down the sink disposal.

Plus, too much down the disposal at once, or even in close succession can damage your disposal. Your disposal needs a break between spinning. It needs to grind all that is there, first, get a good rinse, and then it’s ready to handle the next load, which should be small in size. Running the disposal constantly as you continually put food down it is not how it’s meant to operate.

Also, leaving your garbage disposal to sit for years and never cleaning it is also bad for it. Like any other part of your sink, it needs care. You should clean it regularly to prevent buildup that cause clogs. Rinse with water, and use some baking soda and vinegar. It will also help keep your disposal from developing a terrible smell.

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