Could Your Home Use a Water Filtration System?

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We Can Help You Find The Best Water Treatment System For Your Home

If your tap water doesn’t taste good or if you are worried about what is in your water after constantly seeing news about polluted water in other states, a water filtration system may be extremely beneficial to your home. In the same way that an air filter works in an air duct and traps miniscule dust and pollen particles from floating in the air, a water filter system does the same thing to your water. In fact, air filters are required in air ducts because dust buildup clogs your HVAC system and causes your machinery to break down, making you require central heating system repair.

The same can actually happen with your plumbing! Minerals and chemicals found in unfiltered water stay behind in your pipes and slowly build up over time until massive blockages are formed, requiring professional removal. Not only will you be getting better tasting and healthier water, but you are protecting your plumbing as well when you decide yo get a water filter system. For water filtration system installation in Cabrillo, CA, call Echo Plumbing, Inc. at 888-387-0674 today.

Why Water Filtration is Important

Many citizens are concerned about the amount of chlorine the city water treatment plants put in drinking water to kill off germs. How much is too much? Another known chemical added to the water is fluoride which is claimed to help improve teeth strength, but which many people uncomfortable. With this new age of body autonomy, more people than ever are taking control of what they are wanting to put in their body, including their drinking water. If you are concerned about what is in your water, whether manmade or natural, you can request a water quality test from us or the city. This test can also help you to determine which water filtration system would be best for you. You don’t have to get a water filtration system to improve your health; you can get one just for better tasting water, and reap the included health benefits.

What Do Water Filters Remove?

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Get Safer Drinking Water With a Whole House Water Filtration System

  • Water Softeners: Calcium, Magnesium
  • Water Purifiers: Bacteria, Viruses
  • Ozone and Reverse Osmosis: Mercury, Absestors, Sulfate, Salt
  • Carbon Filters: Gasoline, Soil, Pesticides, Benzene, Radon, Man-made chemicals, Particles, Pollutants, Chlorine, Fluoride, Allergens

Which Water Filtration System is Best For You?

There are many different types of water treatment systems which filter and remove different contaminants. Knowing what each do help you choose what is best for your home. Some people only want better tasting water, while others are concerned about health issues. Also, the level of regular maintenance of these water treatment systems varies depending on the type. For example, the most basic, common, and affordable water filter system is the carbon filter. The carbon filter has to be changed biannually, whereas permanent whole home water treatment systems that are installed on the main line don’t since they are inaccessible. These are just some things to keep in mind. For more information about water filtration system installation in Cabrillo, CA, contact Echo Plumbing, Inc. at 888-387-0674.

Water Purifiers

Water Purification Filters

These are the only type of water treatment systems that can remove viruses and bacteria along with everything else a water filter system can remove. Because they can remove such dangerous diseases, water purification filters are the most expensive types of water treatment system, but they will do all the work of every type of other water filtration system combined.

Water Filters

Water Filter System

Water filters are the most common kind of water treatment system, as most people just want to remove odors and improve tastes of their water. Chemicals, minerals, allergens, and dirt are definitely removed in water filters as these are the contaminants that typically affect the taste of water and are miniscule and can easily pass through the filters. Carbon water filters are the most basic type of water treatment system, so if you are looking for something more advanced that can remove stronger chemicals like mercury, fluoride, or asbestos, you need more powerful water filtration systems like an ozone or reverse osmosis water treatment system that have bigger and more filters that can remove these larger impurities. If you need help choosing which water filtration system is best for your Cabrillo, CA home, call the plumbers at Echo Plumbing, Inc. at 888-387-0674 for assistance.

Well Water Filters

Well Water Filtration

If you have a well on your property that you use to get your own drinking water from, water treatment systems are absolutely necessary for health and safety. A water acid neutralizer is used to remove acid, dirt, and other contaminants from the underground water and balances the pH levels so it is safe to drink and won’t cause sickness. If you notice blue or green rust stains on your plumbing pipes, the acid of your underground water is too high and causing your metal piping to corrode, affecting your drinking water.

Whole House Filters

Whole Home Water Filtration and Softener

A water filtration system is an individual unit that is installed onto one pipe, typically under the kitchen or bathroom sink. It then provides filtered water to that room only. While this works out most of the time for the people who are just wanting better tasting water and get a filter under their kitchen sink, those who want filtered water for their entire house need to get a whole home water filtration system.

This gets installed on your main water line underground and starts filtering the city water as soon as it reaches your main water line, instead of not filtering the water until it reaches the pipes inside your home. This then allows clean water to the entire household. Benefits of having a whole house water filter are more than just having a home drinking water filtration unit. You will get softer skin, softer clothes, cleaner pipes, less soap scum, and more overall benefits thanks to the calcium and magnesium being removed from the water softening effects in the filter.