How Can Plumbing Leaks Affect Your Home?


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Plumbing can be tricky because there are many places that cannot be seen when you have a leak. This means that you don’t usually see the problem until it has already ruined something. Burst pipes are a major factor in water damage and when that happens, the pipes or pipe will need to be fixed or replaced right away. There are great quality piping systems out there like PEX piping, that will be able to stay strong for a very long time. Some common places that you may find water leaks that turn into damage, are listed below.

Places That Are Often Damaged By Water Leaks

Ceiling – Sometimes if a toilet overflows or a pipe bursts upstairs, it will begin to leak through your ceiling. This is usually noticed as it is dripping down from your ceiling.

HVAC System – Plumbing issues can destroy your home and that includes your HVAC system. If that happens, you will want to call a California HVAC services company. Once you have a leak, you will want to isolate it as soon as you can so that it does not cause any more problems.

Roof – If your roof is opened up to rain because of a missing shingle or even a small hole, this will cause a leak straight into your home.

Floors – Pipe bursts happen under sinks on occasion and can leak onto your floors causing it to bubble up and need to be replaced.

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