Benefits of a Water Softener

Salt for a Water Softener

The Salt In a Water Softener Breaks Down the Minerals In the Water.

The water supply in many houses in America is full of minerals, such as iron and calcium. These minerals leave behind a residue that can build up on the inside of your plumbing fixtures and appliances. Homeowners who wish to remove the minerals from their water can install a water softener. Water softeners use salt to break down the minerals in the water before it flows throughout your house.

Why Choose a Water Softener?

The build-up of minerals in your plumbing and appliances can have some negative side effects for your home. Here are some benefits that you can expect after you install a water softener.

Better Cleaning
The minerals in the water make it difficult to clean everything from clothes to dishes to the walls in your shower. Softening the water can mean brighter clothes, fewer spots on your glassware and less soap scum build up in the bathroom.

Longer Lasting Appliances
Appliances such as the coffee pot and dishwasher can get clogged with hard water build up, making them less efficient and more likely to break down. Without the minerals in the water, you can expect your appliances to work better and last longer.

Better Functioning Hot Water Heater
Your water heater is most negatively impacted by hard water build up. If you install a water softener in your home, you can expect your water heater to warm the water faster and not develop as many leaks or malfunctions.

Better Working Drains
Overtime calcium and iron residue can build up inside your pipes, which will create sluggish drains. A water softener will prevent this build up and cause your plumbing to flow smoother than ever.

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