4 Ways To Prevent Clogs in Your Drain

4 Ways To Prevent Clogs in Your Drain

Find Out How to Prevent Clogs in Your Drain.

Although we use our┬ádrains every single day, we tend not to worry too much about them. However, it’s important to keep them in good condition in order to prevent clogs in your drain. While our drains are very durable, they can become clogged from time to time, which can lead to clogs in the drains and pipes. To avoid costly repairs, there are five ways to prevent clogs in your drain.

Don’t Pour Grease Down the Drain

One of the biggest reasons homeowners get clogs in their drains is because of pouring grease down the drain. When the grease cools down, it can harden and cause clogs. Pour your leftover in containers to avoid any pesky clogs.

Watch What Food You Throw in the Garbage Disposal

Yes, the garbage disposal is used to discard scaps, but certain foods can cause clogs to happen. Avoid throwing coffee grounds, rice, pasta, and food peels down the drain. You can even invest in a sink strainer to catch scraps of food.

Only Flush Toilet Paper

It might seem convenient to throw things away in the toilet, but it can cause a whole lot of trouble. Items like disposal wipes, feminine products, pills, and other objects should not be flushed. Stick to only throwing toilet paper in the toilet.

Take Preventative Action

To ensure your drain is in good condition, you can buy food and bathtub strainers to collect scraps of food, as well as hair and soap scum. You can even get plumbing maintenance to avoid clogs.

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