3 Emergency Plumbing Examples

Woman Monitors Leak While Calling Plumber

Call Your Local Plumber While Containing The Leak

We’ve all heard the term plumbing emergency, but have you ever wondered which plumbing problems constitute emergency services from your local plumber? If you are a resident of Perris, CA and are looking for emergency plumbing services, Echo Plumbing, Inc. has you covered. If you would like more information about what classifies as an emergency plumbing situation, check out the examples below:

Drain Blockage

If your toilet or other drains are clogged, it can spell disaster for your home. If a plunger does not repair the problem, you have an emergency situation on your hands. Why? Because clogged drains can cause significant water overflow, which can damage your entire bathroom. Think about the money that one phone call could save you, as opposed to waiting until an entire bathroom remodeling becomes a necessity for your home.

Gas Leak

Any time gas is leaking, it is an emergency. Because of its flammable nature, gas goes beyond a plumbing emergency, and constitutes a general emergency for homeowners. Signs of a gas leak may not be visible, but you will still become aware of them. For example, gas has a distinct smell that should become noticeable to the homeowner during a leak. Similarly, physical symptoms will emerge, including nausea, headaches and chronic fatigue.

Pipe Burst

A burst pipe will often greet you with water pouring into your home’s interior, usually from the ceiling. This is the prototypical emergency plumbing example for homeowners. You should call your local plumber immediately and then attempt to minimize the damage while you wait. First thing’s first, shut off the water valve to stop water from running through your house. After that, turn on faucets to release confined water and steam. For emergency plumbing services in Perris, CA, call 888-769-5345.